Elevating Sky Travel: Top 5 Luxury First Class Options
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Published September 21, 2023
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In a world where time is one of our most precious commodities, the journey can be just as important as the destination. Commercial airlines have pulled out all the stops to offer first-class experiences that rival private aviation. Did you know that Flygreen offers our clients the opportunity to book luxury first class options through our Jet Charter Executives? Here we unveil the crème de la crème of first-class flying options that redefine luxury and offer an unparalleled flying experience, comparable to flying private.

1. Etihad Residence on the A380

Embarking on a journey in the Etihad Residence is akin to stepping into a floating luxury apartment, high above the clouds. The Residence offers an unprecedented level of privacy and luxury in commercial aviation.

Imagine having your personal living room, separate bedroom and ensuite bathroom, a surreal concept in the skies, isn’t it? Apart from enjoying the grandeur of a double bed with designer bedding, guests are pampered by a personal butler throughout the flight, ensuring a personalized and seamless service.

The onboard Chef provides a bespoke dining experience, crafting dishes to your liking, whenever you wish to dine. Coupled with a premium selection of wines and champagnes, the Etihad Residence offers a culinary journey that rivals the finest establishments on the ground.

2. Air France La Premiere on the 777-300ER

Welcoming you with the warmth and elegance synonymous with French hospitality, the La Premiere by Air France is a sanctuary of luxury at 35,000 feet. Every detail, from the soft lighting to the rich wood and leather finishes, has been carefully curated to create a soothing ambiance that helps you unwind or work in peace.

The individually enclosed suites offer unparalleled privacy and comfort, featuring a full-flat bed, a 24-inch HD touchscreen, and Michelin-starred cuisine served with a curated selection of fine wines and champagnes. Air France’s commitment to luxury extends to ground services, offering personalized assistance and access to exclusive lounges to ensure a seamless journey from start to finish.

3. Emirates New First Class Suites on the 777-300ER

As you step into an Emirates New First Class Suite, you enter a world of unprecedented luxury and technology. Designed in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, the suites offer a futuristic and sleek environment with floor-to-ceiling doors, ensuring utmost privacy.

Each suite is a world unto itself, equipped with mood lighting, climate control, and a zero-gravity seat crafted to offer unparalleled comfort. The virtual windows, a pioneering concept, ensure that every suite, irrespective of its position, offers a view of the outside world, making the sky part of your suite’s décor. The onboard shower spa and the exquisite dining experience bring a touch of extravagance to your journey, making it nothing short of a seven-star hotel experience in the sky.

4. Singapore Airlines’ New First Class Suites on the A380

Singapore Airlines has always been at the forefront of luxury aviation, and their New First Class Suites are no exception. These sanctuaries in the sky offer an oasis of calm and luxury, with individual cabins featuring sliding doors for privacy, a standalone full-flat bed, and a separate reclining chair, ensuring that your flight is the epitome of comfort and relaxation.

The culinary experience onboard is a gastronomic delight, offering a selection of dishes crafted by world-renowned chefs, accompanied by a selection of the finest wines. With personalized service that anticipates your needs, Singapore Airlines ensures a flight experience that is nothing short of spectacular.

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5. Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa’s First Class is synonymous with refined elegance and understated luxury. The cabins, designed with an aesthetic that blends modernity with timeless elegance, offer individualized spaces that are both functional and luxurious.

Guests can enjoy the comfort of a personal assistant who takes care of all their needs, a two-meter-long lie-flat bed, and a Michelin-starred dining experience that promises to tantalize the palate. The ground services match the onboard luxury, with personal assistants, first-class lounges, and even a limousine service ensuring a seamless and luxurious journey from start to finish.

In conclusion, first-class commercial airlines are offering an experience that is not just about getting from point A to B, but about savouring the journey itself. These top five luxury first-class options stand as testimony to an era where the sky is not the limit when it comes to luxury and comfort. Contact Flygreen to learn more about your luxury first-class commercial options.

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