Hourly rates starting as low as $2,500
Hourly rates starting as low as: Light Jet $2,500 Mid Size Jet $3,000 Super Mid Size Jet $4,000 Heavy Jet $5,000
1 Passengers


We recognize that electric aircrafts are not yet commercially available. However, we believe that it is essential to take immediate action to reduce the carbon footprint of the private jet industry.

Our strategy is to make private jet charters sustainable until we can fully transition to electric aircraft. To achieve this, we have implemented several measures that promote sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of private jet travel.
We plant trees at our cost
We plant trees at our cost, to consume the carbon emissions produced by every trip our members take. This initiative removes the carbon from the atmosphere, effectively eliminating the overall carbon footprint of our private jet services.
We provide a greenscore
We provide a greenscore to better inform our members when making choices about their trip. Our greenscore system considers various factors, including fuel efficiency, fuel burn per passenger, and repositioning, to determine the environmental impact of each charter option. By providing this information to our members, we empower them to make more informed and environmentally conscious choices.
We have a curated selection of commercial flights
We have a curated selection of commercial flights and airports that we encourage our members to consider when planning their trip, as the carbon produced per passenger is far less than private jet travel.
We are committed
We are committed to directing our resources towards the advancement of electric aviation. We intend on operating the world’s first fleet of fully electric aircraft. Read more
We are committed to finding innovative solutions that promote sustainability in the private jet industry. We believe that by working together, we can make a positive impact on our planet and protect it for future generations.