Flygreen Commends U.S. Government’s Bold Initiative to Advance Sustainable Aviation Fuel
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Published November 27, 2023
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As published on Business Wire – Flygreen, an eco-friendly Private Jet Charterer, applauds the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Grand Challenge. The SAF Grand Challenge represents a significant stride toward scaling up the production of SAF on a commercial scale, aligning perfectly with Flygreen’s mission to make private aviation sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Matt Keezer, CEO of Flygreen, expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative, stating, “The U.S. government’s commitment to advancing sustainable aviation fuels is a big step towards reducing the environmental impact of air travel. Flygreen wholeheartedly supports the SAF Grand Challenge’s objectives, as it aligns seamlessly with our dedication to providing clients with greener, more sustainable choices in private jet travel. We believe that the aviation industry must lead the way in environmental stewardship, and initiatives like these are essential to achieving that goal.”

The SAF Grand Challenge is a collaborative effort aimed at reducing the environmental impact of aviation while simultaneously addressing the need for cleaner, more sustainable aviation fuels. Flygreen commends the U.S. government’s allocation of $300 million ($245 million for SAF development) to support projects in various categories, including production, transportation, blending, and storage of sustainable aviation fuel. This significant investment reflects a strong commitment to advancing eco-friendly aviation practices.

Flygreen’s Commitment to Sustainable Aviation

Flygreen is committed to sustainable aviation practices, and its actions speak louder than words. Through Flygreen’s Forest Initiative, the company actively engages in reforestation efforts in North America to counterbalance the carbon emissions generated by its flights. These initiatives go beyond mere carbon offsetting; they actively contribute to the creation of thriving ecosystems, the enhancement of biodiversity, and the preservation of crucial natural habitats. When clients choose Flygreen, they play an active role in building forests, making their travels not only convenient but also environmentally responsible. Flygreen takes pride in providing carbon offsetting as a standard service to its clients, supporting the broader vision of decarbonizing the aviation sector and creating a sustainable and greener future for all.

About Flygreen

Flygreen, a private jet charter brokerage, serves the Americas with access to over 7000 aircraft through offices in Montreal, Toronto, and New York. Flygreen stands out in private aviation with a unique blend of personalized client service and a dedication to environmental responsibility. Tailoring aircraft to precise travel needs, from individuals to groups, Flygreen goes beyond by integrating sustainability into its ethos, planting trees to capture carbon emissions for each journey.

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