Flygreen Honors Wildlife Conservation Day with Additional Trees Planted
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Published December 5, 2023
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As published on Business Wire – In recognition of Wildlife Conservation Day, Flygreen, a private jet charter brokerage, continues its practice of environmental responsibility with a reaffirmed initiative to plant an additional 2,500 trees. This ongoing action is in line with the company’s consistent and dedicated method of contributing thoughtfully to global conservation.

Flygreen maintains a clear-cut approach to sustainability; its most recent initiative upholds their practice of capturing carbon emissions from air travel by planting trees in forests across British Columbia and California. This action builds on the company’s existing efforts, with over 11,369 trees planted previously. Embedded in Flygreen’s operations, this pledge comes at no additional cost to clients, reflecting the company’s dedication to environmental care as an intrinsic element of its service.

On Wildlife Conservation Day, acknowledged globally on December 4th, the focus intensifies on the protection of biodiversity and natural habitats. Flygreen’s involvement in tree planting is a direct action reflecting the company’s role in the broader context of environmental care.

VP of operations at Flygreen, Pascal Couture Tremblay, comments on the initiative, “Each tree planted is a step towards a healthier planet. Our aim is to provide a travel service that’s conscious of its impact. We believe that the benefits of private aviation can coexist with proactive environmental practices, and we’re dedicated to making that a reality.”

Flygreen’s ecological strategies are part of its practical strategy for sustainability, demonstrating that effective environmental care can be part of everyday business operations. By incorporating tree planting into their service, Flygreen invites both clients and industry peers to consider how each journey can positively impact the planet’s ecosystems.

About Flygreen
Flygreen, a private jet charter brokerage, serves the Americas with access to over 7000 aircraft through offices in Montreal, Toronto, and New York. Flygreen stands out in private aviation with a unique blend of personalized client service and a dedication to environmental responsibility. Tailoring aircraft to precise travel needs, from individuals to groups, Flygreen goes beyond by integrating sustainability into its ethos, planting trees to capture carbon emissions for each journey.

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