Flygreen’s Greenscore System: Making Sustainable Choices in the Private Jet Industry
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Published June 9, 2023
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The private jet industry has long been associated with luxury and convenience, but it has also raised concerns regarding its environmental impact. Flygreen recognizes the need for sustainability in the industry and we are dedicated to creating products and services that will help reduce our environmental impact. One such solution is the creation of our Greenscore System, which will aim to provide clients with valuable information to make informed and environmentally conscious choices when booking a private jet charter.

Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Impact: Flygreen’s Greenscore System will take into account several crucial factors to assess the environmental impact of each charter option. One of the primary considerations is fuel efficiency. By evaluating the fuel burn per passenger and per hour, we will determine how efficiently a particular aircraft consumes fuel and minimizes its carbon footprint. This metric can then help our clients compare different charter options and select the most sustainable one that aligns with their values.

Repositioning and Reducing Emissions: Another significant aspect considered by the Greenscore System is repositioning. Repositioning refers to the need to move an aircraft from one location to another, often without passengers. This process can contribute significantly to emissions. We will actively work to minimize repositioning by offering optimal flight schedules and routes, thereby reducing fuel consumption and associated carbon emissions.

Empowering Clients with Information: We understand that informed decisions can drive positive change. Therefore, our Greenscore System will provide clients with comprehensive information about the environmental impact of their trip. By making this data accessible and transparent, we can empower our members to make choices that will align with their sustainability goals and contribute to a greener future.

The Greenscore System will not only encourage responsible decision-making but also set an example for other companies in the industry. Flygreen invites everyone to fly with purpose and be part of the collective effort to help make private aviation more sustainable.

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