Spotlight Series: The Citation Ascend
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Published October 4, 2023
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There’s a new titan in the skies, and it’s redefining what it means to journey through the clouds. The Citation Ascend, the latest aircraft of the Citation lineage, isn’t just another aircraft—it’s a symbol of visionary brilliance and business acumen.

Its power isn’t just in its aesthetics or its luxe interiors, but in its sheer performance. The Ascend effortlessly traverses a remarkable 1,900 nautical miles, ensuring that whether it’s for business ventures across continents or peaceful getaways, you’re always on time. And with its enhanced fuel-efficient engines, it pledges more than just timely arrivals—it promises sustainability.

Comfort in flight is often promised but rarely delivered to perfection. The Ascend changes this narrative. For the first time, passengers are presented with a choice: a flat floor for those who crave that extra stretch or a dropped aisle for a unique in-flight experience. The flat floor option stands as a testament to luxury, providing ample legroom and the freedom for passengers to swivel their seats or stretch out at their leisure. The Ascend’s commitment to detail doesn’t end here. Elevate the onboard experience with optional stone or luxury vinyl flooring, adding a lavish touch to the galley and lavatory.

Yet, the Ascend’s elegance doesn’t overshadow its efficiency. Equipped with the latest in avionic technology, it’s a beacon for those who value both luxury and performance. With the Ascend, you don’t merely fly; you master the art of intelligent navigation.

In Cessna’s own words, “To transcend the extraordinary, first you must ascend.” With the Citation Ascend, prepare to reimagine the very essence of business aviation.

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