Sustainability Day and the Skies Above: Impacts on Private Aviation
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Published October 24, 2023
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As we honor Sustainability Day on October 25th, it’s an opportune moment for us in the private aviation sector to reflect, recalibrate, and recognize our role in this global movement. Here’s a closer look at what Sustainability Day means and its significance in the world of private aviation.

Understanding Sustainability Day

A global initiative, Sustainability Day advocates for resource conservation, waste reduction, and fostering a harmonious relationship with nature. It reminds us that individual actions ripple into collective impact.

Its Roots

The seeds of Sustainability Day were sown through historical events like:

  • The Stockholm Conference (1972): The original global gathering stressing environmental concerns.
  • The Brundtland Report (1987): Where sustainable development was defined as catering to present needs without compromising future generations.
  • The Earth Summit (1992): Outlining a comprehensive plan for sustainable economic growth, social equity, and environmental stewardship.

Sustainability Day & Private Aviation

For the world of private aviation, Sustainability Day holds unique implications:

  1. Raising Awareness: Spotlighting the environmental impact of aviation can drive industry-wide changes in operational procedures, aircraft design, and fuel consumption.
  2. Technological Advancements: The day emphasizes the importance of investing in sustainable technologies like energy-efficient engines and electric planes.
  3. Operational Shifts: From flight planning to ground operations, there’s a push for sustainable practices that reduce the carbon footprint of every journey.

Flygreen’s Flight Path

Our path to sustainability is etched with pioneering strides and eco-conscious choices:

  1. Partnering with One Tree Planted: A cornerstone of our commitment, this partnership ensures that we restore and expand forests, that will capture the carbon produced from our clients’ flights Moreover, these efforts support animal habitats and improve air and water quality in the revitalized regions.
  2. Eyes on Electric Skies: We are steadfast in our ambition to usher in an era of fully electric aircraft. While we await advancements in this technology, our pledge remains to transition to an electric fleet once it’s feasible.
  3. The Greenscore System: To bolster eco-awareness among our clientele, we’ve innovated the Greenscore system. This comprehensive tool factors in elements like fuel efficiency, per-passenger burn rate, and repositioning logistics to assess the environmental impact of each charter option. Armed with this knowledge, our clients can make charter choices that align more closely with Earth-friendly principles.

Your Role in The Skies

As stakeholders in private aviation, whether you’re a client, crew member, or enthusiast, your choices shape the industry. Opt for sustainable aviation options, promote green practices, and let’s ensure that the skies remain blue for generations to come.

Fly sustainably, fly with purpose, fly green.

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