The Best of the Crystal Cabin Awards
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Published February 7, 2023
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The Crystal Cabin Awards have become one of the most prestigious awards in the aircraft interiors industry, recognizing innovation and excellence in cabin design and technology. The 2023 edition of the awards has had many impressive entries from all over the world, with the application period ending on February 8th. While we eagerly await this years finalists, let’s have a sneak peek at the winners from some of the categories showcased in the 2022 edition of the awards!

  1. Cabin Design: Teague and NORDAM’s “Elevate”. This concept is a collaboration between two major aerospace companies. “Elevate” features a flexible cabin layout that allows for various seating configurations enhancing the passenger experience. Elevate also incorporates the latest in cabin technology and materials to enhance passenger comfort and reduce environmental impact.  Compared to other premium accommodation concepts for single-aisle aircraft, this design is visually striking, featuring floating furniture attached to wall braces that create a more immersive and organic feel, giving passengers a sense of greater freedom while meeting sustainability goals.
  2. Health & Safety: Safran Cabin’s “Fire Resistant Cargo Container”. The Cargo Container is a product designed to enhance safety, made with fire and heat resistant materials, which provide additional protection and minimize the risk of fire spreading. During flight, the threat of fires can be catastrophic, making the Fire Resistant Cargo Container from Safran Cabin a critical addition to aviation safety. With a fire containment capability of up to six hours, this container provides an extra level of protection for passengers, crew, and operators, ensuring their safety and security during flights.
  3. Sustainable Cabin: Diab’s “100% Recyclable Panels for Cabin Interiors”. This feature is a breakthrough in sustainable cabin design. The panels are made from recyclable PET foam and can be used for a variety of interior applications, including wall and ceiling panels, galleys, and cabin dividers. They are lightweight and easy to install, making them a practical choice for aircrafts looking to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their environmental impact. This innovative product represents a significant step forward in sustainable cabin design and is expected to become a critical component of environmentally-conscious cabin interiors in the future.
  4. IFEC & Digital Services: Anuvu coop. Southwest Airlines “Dedicated Space”: Passengers’ expectations of fast internet access have risen considerably, making digital connectivity a top priority. With the increasing use of digital devices on board aircraft, there is a growing competition for bandwidth. As a result, airlines are under pressure to ensure that their in-flight connectivity meets the high standards expected by passengers. In comes Dedicated Space which  offers a five-fold increase in personal bandwidth and a significant reduction in latency, resulting in faster downloads and uploads and more stable connectivity. The software dynamically assigns traffic based on individual aircraft requirements, ensuring optimal connectivity for all passengers. What’s more, airlines can adopt the system immediately as it is already certified for current aircraft, making it an attractive option for prospective airline customers.

In conclusion, the Crystal Cabin Awards showcases some truly innovative and impressive designs for aircraft cabins. From new approaches to comfort and digital services to a focus on sustainability and efficiency, past winners each had innovative ideas and concepts that will continue to revolutionize the aviation industry. Flygreen is excited to see how sustainability will continue to play a role in these new designs and we are eager to learn more about the 2023 finalists announced in May!

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