The Safety of Flying Private
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Published January 6, 2023
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Every year, thousands of passengers use private aircraft to travel for business, personal reasons, or emergency situations. However, there are some who are concerned about the safety of private aviation, especially in comparison to commercial airlines. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons in which private aviation is considered safe by North American standards.

Firstly, private aviation is subject to the same regulatory standards as commercial airlines. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for regulating all aviation activities, including private aviation. The FAA sets the standards for pilot training, aircraft maintenance, and air traffic control. Additionally, private aircraft owners must adhere to strict maintenance schedules, which are overseen by the FAA. These regulations ensure that private aircrafts are safe to fly and that pilots are adequately trained.

Secondly, private aircrafts are flown by experienced pilots. Many private aircraft owners are experienced pilots themselves, or they hire professional pilots who have extensive flight experience. These pilots undergo comprehensive training and are required to pass regular proficiency checks to maintain their licenses. This experience and training ensures that private pilots are skilled and knowledgeable in their craft.

Thirdly, private aircrafts are often equipped with advanced safety features. Modern private aircrafts are equipped with sophisticated avionics systems that provide real-time weather updates, GPS navigation, and terrain warning systems. These features allow pilots to navigate more safely and make informed decisions about their flights. Additionally, many private aircrafts are equipped with advanced anti-icing systems, which prevent ice from forming on the wings and other critical areas. While private planes may be smaller in size, they are not lacking in safety features.

Finally, many private aircraft owners, who offer their planes for chartering purposes, have a personal interest in their aircrafts and take great care to ensure that they are maintained to the highest standards. This can include regular inspections, overhauls, and upgrades to ensure that the aircraft is in top condition.

In conclusion, private aviation is categorically safe by North American standards, which should help ease the concern experienced by some passengers. Private aircrafts are subject to the same regulatory standards as commercial airlines, and private pilots are highly trained and experienced. Additionally, private aircrafts are often equipped with advanced safety features and are maintained to high standards. Overall, private aviation is unequivocally a reliable mode of transportation for individuals looking to charter a private plane.

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